Russell Simmons

ADL Scolds Russell Simmons

Hip hop mogul and major Obama campaign donor Russell Simmons was scolded by the Anti-Defamation League this afternoon after he made “excuses for the polarizing anti-Semitic and racist speech of Louis Farrakhan.”

Def Fundraising Jam

President to hold four NYC fundraisers, make more than $5 million

President Obama will hold four campaign fundraisers Thursday in New York City, where he is expected to rake in more than $5 million from controversial multimillionaire celebrities for his reelection bid.

The Sloppy Incumbent

Column: The once-invincible Obama campaign team has become mistake-prone

The sound and fury of the Republican primary has distracted political observers from one of the most interesting political developments of the cycle thus far: President Obama’s reelection campaign is a pallid imitation of his 2008 juggernaut.