Ready for Hillary

Goldman Sachs Is Ready for Hillary

The most hated corporation in American is a loyal patron of the Clinton empire

Last week, we examined a number of fun ways to buy access to the Clinton political dynasty. Wealthy individuals and powerful interest groups in this country and around the world have sought to get in on the action over the years. But few corporations have done so more prolifically than Goldman Sachs.

Don’t Give Your Money to Clinton Son-in-Law Marc Mezvinsky

(Note: Unless you're a rich Democratic donor who values long-term political access over short-term financial gain)

Mark Mezvinsky has an easy job. His rich and powerful in-laws, Bill and Hillary Clinton, have a bunch of rich and powerful friends who give Mezvinsky and his friends millions of dollars to invest and (in theory, anyway) make them even more money. But Mezvinsky isn’t very good at his job. The Wall Street Journal reports that Mezvinsky’s boutique hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners LP, reported significant losses last year, and has struggled to turn a profit for investors since its inception in 2012:

Hillary Clinton: A Life in Pictures (Vol. 2)

Many you enjoyed Volume 1 of our ongoing series “Hillary Clinton: A Life in Pictures,” in which we catalog some of the most colorful moments in a prominent homeowner’s long and extraordinary life in politics. In our latest installment, we explore some of Clinton’s most colorful and controversial associates. Enjoy!

Center for American Progress Donors Buy Clinton Access, Experts Say

Supporters of a Clinton presidential run pour money into think tank devising Hillary’s likely platform

Supporters of an independent pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC are pouring money into the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank expected to be the ideological nerve center of a Clinton presidential campaign and, possibly, White House.

Hillary Clinton: A Life in Pictures (Vol. 1)

By all accounts, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is gearing up to give it one more try. Many expect her to be a strong candidate to challenge Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden for the nomination. She has many strengths, including her considerable age, massive unearned fortune, close ties to Wall Street and the D.C. political establishment, ability to dodge bullets, ruthless lack of compassion for political enemies, and a laugh that is as natural as it is endearing. Clinton has spent the vast majority of her life in politics, and has been photographed in public by professional photographers far more often than most commoners. The Free Beacon would like to honor Clinton’s decades long commitment to public service and personal enrichment with a multi-volume photo essay documenting some of the highlights of her political career. Enjoy!

Underachiever of the Year: Hillary Clinton

Eldery homeowner can't sell books or magazines, earns less money than failed quarterback Jay Cutler

It’s been an eventful year, folks. We’ve already recognized Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge as Couple of the Year for their efforts to destroy the dangerous myth that, in America, massive unearned wealth always translates into success. And be sure to stay tuned as we announce the winners of the Free Beacon’s 2014 Man of the Year awards. Until then, we have no choice but to single out an individual who repeatedly failed to live up to expectations in 2014. The Free Beacon award for Underachiever of the Year goes to: Hillary Clinton (public speaker).

Hillary Clinton Is the Worst, Data Shows

Infamous PEOPLE cover a 'newsstand flop'

The infamous People issue featuring Hillary Clinton was total flop, according to data. The cover created some controversy. For example, some argued it was a subtle attempt by People to portray Clinton as elderly and differently-abled by creating the impression that she was using an old person’s walker. Efforts to deny the walker claim only served to raise further questions. Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus investigated the matter.