Republicans Refuse to Let McCaskill Sidestep Kavanaugh Vote

McCaskill wants to focus on health care, but Hawley is making sure voters remember Kavanaugh

CHESTERFIELD, Mo.—Claire McCaskill wants voters to know she had nothing to do with the gauntlet her Senate colleagues put Brett Kavanaugh through. She voted against his confirmation, she says, but only because of his views on dark money in politics. The senator insists she decided to oppose Kavanaugh before she even knew of the sexual assault allegations against him. She's "not one of those crazy Democrats."

Dark Money Mailers Target GOP Candidates in Missouri With No Disclosures

Postage indicates mailers targeting Josh Hawley and Ann Wagner were sent by same printer

Hawley dark money targetTwo dark money mailers sent to thousands of voters without any disclosure of who paid for it, a likely illegal act, were sent by the same St. Louis printing company, which has been used by many Democratic campaigns in the state this cycle.

Out-of-State Interests Pushing Minimum Wage Hikes

Labor groups have spent hundreds of thousands on state initiatives

Out-of-state interests from the labor community are the main drivers behind several state ballot initiatives to pass steep minimum wage hikes, according to a new analysis.

McCaskill Missed Nearly Half of All Armed Services Hearings

Largest absences occurred while running for re-election in 2012

Democratic senator Claire McCaskill, who is engaged in a fierce re-election battle in her home state of Missouri, is touting herself as a champion of men and women in uniform, despite her congressional record.