Teen Motherhood Hits All-Time Low

Pew report explores causes of teen pregnancy decline

The teen birth rate has been cut in half since 2008, but the causes behind plummeting teenage pregnancies could also extend into adulthood and contribute to a demographic crisis.

AEI Report: Americans Are Getting Older and Dying Younger

A recent paperĀ on American demographics bodes ill for the country's economic and social health. The report by Lyman Stone, adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, finds that while the American population is becoming older, life expectancies of working-age people are declining. This trend, in tandem with the straining of the country's institutions, has serious implications for America's future.

Why Are Young Americans So Miserable?

Analysis: changes in socialization, technology, education play role in youth unhappiness

Survey after survey shows young Americans are increasingly unhappy, depressed, and even suicidal. They are America's future, and their outlook makes that future look grim. What's the matter with kids today?