Kelly Loeffler

NRA in Last-Minute Push to Boost GOP in Georgia

Second Amendment advocates outspend gun-control groups 40 to 1

Second Amendment advocates are making a last-minute push to turn out gun voters in the Georgia runoff elections as part of a multimillion-dollar effort to put guns at the forefront of the 2020 campaign.

Truth Check: Warnock Won’t Deny Being a ‘Radical Liberal’

Disagrees with GOP opponent who called domestic abuse allegations 'deeply troubling'

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's coverage of the Senate runoff elections in Georgia has included numerous attempts to "fact check" the candidates, nearly all of which are extremely deferential to the Democratic candidates.

Warnock Voter-Registration Group Received $482,000 in PPP Loans

Georgia Dem candidate has attacked opponent for putting 'political games' ahead of relief

While Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock has slammed his Republican opponent for "playing political games" with COVID-19 relief, the voter-registration group he ran raked in $482,000 in coronavirus bailout money.

Warnock Silent on Court Packing, Marxism in Heated Debate

GOP’s Loeffler blasts ‘radical liberal’ Raphael Warnock

Raphael WarnockGeorgia Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock dodged questions about packing the Supreme Court and declined to condemn Marxism in a debate Sunday night against Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler.