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Finally, Some Good News: The Journalist Population Is Getting Smaller

Maybe Biden's presidency hasn't been a total failure after all

January 25, 2024

WATCH: CNN Journalists Give Aid and Comfort to Democrats

Saving democracy one softball question at a time

January 24, 2024

JOIN THE CLUB: Democrats Finally Starting To Lose Faith in Media

Americans rate journalists slightly above lawyers and car salesmen in terms of 'honesty and ethical standards'

January 22, 2024

The 10 Best Nikole Hannah-Jones Articles of 2023

The hardest-working woman in 'antiracist' show business

December 22, 2023

Jake Tapper Got All His Celebrity Friends To Plug His New Book. It Still Flopped.

So-called thriller marred by 'overwrought prose' and 'wildly improbable plot developments'

November 8, 2023

Rooms With No View

REVIEW: 'The Red Hotel: Moscow 1941, the Metropol Hotel, and the Untold Story of Stalin's Propaganda War'

October 29, 2023

Committee To Protect Journalists Lists Hamas Members on List of Journalists Killed in Gaza

6 of 23 journalists killed in Israel-Gaza war worked for outlets run by Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad

October 24, 2023

Meet the LA Times Reporter Who Doesn't Want You To Know Hamas Beheads Babies

Adam Elmahrek has declared Israel an 'apartheid state'

October 12, 2023