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Republicans Propose New Office To Enforce Affirmative Action Ban

Legislation from J.D. Vance and Jim Banks would create special inspector general to investigate discriminatory admissions practices

December 5, 2023

While Hamas Planned Its Attack on Israel, Biden’s Intel Community Was Focused On Climate Change

Biden admin focus on climate change under renewed scrutiny after US failed to detect Hamas attack

November 14, 2023

Under Pressure, Pentagon Restricts Program That Allows Colleges With CCP Outposts To Receive Taxpayer Funds

Republicans say China could use Confucius Institutes to spy on US military research

August 29, 2023

WATCH: Dem Congressman Scolds Colleague for Using Term 'Man-Hours'

Adam Smith: 'That would be "person-hours," not necessarily "man-hours." We do have women serving in the military.'

June 21, 2023

Disney Reverses Course and Agrees To Meet With Uyghur Genocide Victims

About-face follows Free Beacon report that Disney executives reneged on offer to meet Uyghur groups

June 6, 2023

Disney Reneges on Meeting with Uyghur Genocide Victims, Lawmakers Say

'It’s time for Disney to own up to its mistakes and make amends'

May 11, 2023

'Addicted to Funding From China': Stanford Rakes in Chinese Cash

Stanford University has taken more than $27 million from Chinese entities since the start of 2021

April 24, 2023