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Biden's Scandal-Plagued Iran Envoy Lands Ivy League Gigs Amid FBI Investigation

Princeton and Yale tap Robert Malley to teach classes after he allegedly mishandled classified info

August 16, 2023

The Malley Investigation, Explained

Joe Biden's controversial Iran envoy had his security clearance revoked. Here’s what that means.

July 26, 2023

Biden State Department Blocks Congressional Investigation into Scandal-Plagued Iran Envoy

Rob Malley reportedly had security clearance revoked for mishandling classified information

July 12, 2023
President and CEO of New America Anne-Marie Slaughter / Getty Images

IRS’s 'Non-Partisan' Pick to Study Tax System Isn’t So Non-Partisan

New America is funded by Democratic donors including Laurene Powell Jobs and George Soros

May 4, 2023

Israel Could Strike Iran in Three Months, Retired Israeli General Says

Biden's failure to present a credible military response to Iran’s nuclear program has left Israel with limited options, ex-general says

March 21, 2023