Ilhan Omar

Dems Turn Away From ‘Defund the Police’ and ‘Socialism’

Ocasio-Cortez says Republicans used slogans for 'rhetorical attacks'

After unexpected and significant losses on Election Day, House Democrats on Sunday distanced themselves from the "defund the police" movement and the label of "socialism," claiming that they were merely slogans or Republican smears.

Good Government Watchdog Zeroes in on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Book Deal  

The congresswoman, whose memoir was published earlier this year, has not listed book deal on financial disclosure reports 

Ilhan OmarWhen Rep. Tim Ryan (D., Ohio) signed publishing agreements to write two books, he noted those agreements on the congressionally mandated financial disclosure reports. House members are prohibited from receiving book advances, and Ryan said he would receive none but reported royalties "based on actual sales consistent with the guidance of the Congressional Ethics Committee."