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Tim Scott: Parents Should Drive Education Decisions, Not Big Labor Bosses

'It’s time to unite around an agenda that puts students and families first'

January 26, 2022

Dem Congressman Arrested After Defying Orders From Capitol Police

'Squad' member Jamaal Bowman criticized Republicans last year for disregarding 'Capitol security'

January 23, 2022
New York Times

New York Times Meltdown Plays Out in Private Facebook Group

“‘We do not tolerate racist language regardless of intent’ might be the most racist statement I’ve ever read”

February 8, 2021

Facebook Reverses Ban Against Virginia Gun-Rights Group

Refuses to provide details on suspensions but reverses them

January 25, 2021

Describing Jews as 'Privileged,' Ethnic Studies Curriculum Sparks Backlash

California Department of Education curriculum will lay the groundwork for a required ethnic studies class

January 20, 2021