This Is What A Winning Centrist Platform Looks Like

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, the presumptive 2020 frontrunner should he enter the presidential race as an independent, has struck fear in the hearts of his fellow Democrats and envy in the bowels of Obama alumni who didn’t get a lucrative consulting gig of their own. The Democratic primary, already underway, promises to be an …

Howard Schultz’s ‘Third Place’

Howard Schultz

SEATTLE—Before the sold out crowd at the Moore Theater got to see Howard Schultz, they were instructed to fix their eyes on the screen at center stage.

The slick campaign-style video certainly gives the appearance of a candidate, splicing Schultz’s rags-to-riches story with images of veterans, LGBT activists, and children. Phrases like “all inclusive,” “country over party,” and “the power of we” were used.

The Democrats Lose Their Minds

Schultz and Dems

I’m not a Democrat—in case you haven’t noticed—but Howard Schultz is. And Schultz isn’t one of those Blue Dog, southern or mid-Western, conservative Democrats either. He’s from Seattle, holds liberal positions on, as far as I can tell, every issue, and has donated gobs of money to the Democratic Party and to the last two Democratic presidents. But Schultz is also a democratic capitalist who attributes his phenomenal success—his fortune from Starbucks is around $3 billion—at least in part to America’s culture of entrepreneurial risk-taking, minimal government interference in commerce, individual responsibility, and rule of law. He worries that the Democratic Party, radicalized by the presidency of Donald Trump, is in the process of abandoning support for the very aspects of American life that made his life possible.