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Head of Harvard's Islamophobia Task Force Signed Statement in Support of 'Palestinian Liberation Struggle'

'We demand an end to US support for Israel’s apartheid regime … and affirm our support for the Palestinian liberation struggle,' statement signed by Ali Asani says

May 28, 2024

UCLA Medical School Denies Whistleblower Allegations, Claims Students Admitted ‘Based on Merit’

Admissions officers say the school lowers standards for minorities in an effort to boost diversity.

May 24, 2024

Congress Probes Northwestern’s Partnership With Al Jazeera

Partnership could violate anti-terrorism laws

May 21, 2024

Middlebury Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza While Staying Mum on Hostages and Hamas

One-sided statement could exacerbate the school’s legal troubles amid a federal civil rights probe

May 7, 2024

A Guide to University Statements on Anti-Israel Campus Protests

Some colleges have stamped out tent encampments expeditiously, while others have fanned the flames

May 1, 2024

Anti-Israel Protesters at UNC Replace Stars and Stripes With Palestinian Flag

UNC protesters heckled police when they returned the American flag to the top of the flagpole

May 1, 2024

UCLA Med School Launches Review Of ‘Health Equity’ Course But Warns That Whistleblowers Could Be Disciplined

Move comes after Harvard Med School dean slammed class and called for investigation

April 26, 2024

Columbia Student Protesters Demand an Apology From President Shafik: 'We Believe That It's on the Table'

'It's not an expectation, it's a demand,' says student negotiator Mahmoud Khalil

April 26, 2024