Harley Rouda

CA Dem Cut Employee Health Care Benefits as Real Estate Executive

Rep. Harley Rouda now calls health care 'a right for every American'

Rep. Harley Rouda (D., Calif.), who has called health care "a right for every American" amid a tight reelection bid, cut health care benefits for employees of his real estate company in 2013, a former staff member told the Washington Free Beacon.

Swing District Dem Compares Trump to Hitler

Freshman Dem accuses Trump supporters of blindly following president

Democratic congressman Harley Rouda (Calif.) addressed President Donald Trump's criticism of mainstream news media by comparing the president to Adolf Hitler.

Second California Swing District Democrat Now Supports Impeachment

Rouda two months ago: "I did not get elected by the constituents of Orange County to impeach Trump."

Democratic Rep. Harley Rouda (Calif.) said he will formally back an impeachment inquiry sometime this month, after saying two months ago that he was not elected to impeach President Trump.