Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Exec Who Devised ‘Big Short’ Donates to Booker

Emailed colleagues in 2007 saying they would make 'serious money' off housing market collapse

Donald Mullen Jr., the former Goldman Sachs mortgage executive who boasted to his colleagues in 2007 about them making some “serious money” off the impending housing market collapse, donated $5,400 to Sen. Cory Booker's (D., N.J.) presidential campaign committee.

Heitkamp Raised Twice as Much From Goldman Sachs as From North Dakota

North Dakota Democrat received just 3% of fundraising haul from home state

Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) received nearly twice as much money from Goldman Sachs bankers in New York as from individuals in her home state of North Dakota over the past three months, according to her campaign's most recent filing.

Speaker at Clinton Rally Castigates Her on Stage

'The only thing she cares about is pleasing her donors'

Bernie Sanders, Hillary ClintonA student speaker at a Hillary Clinton rally at Iowa State University took the podium on Saturday only to be escorted off after he started criticizing the Democratic nominee.