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Germany's Siemens Facing American Scrutiny for Agreeing To Boycott Israel

Records show Siemens agreed to boycott of Israeli goods to secure $360 million deal with Turkey

June 5, 2023

From World Wars to the Cold War to Ukraine: How Central Europe Survives

REVIEW: 'The Middle Kingdoms: A New History of Central Europe' by Martyn Rady

May 14, 2023

LOCK HER UP: These Photos of Greta Thunberg Being Carried Away by German Police Will Brighten Your Day

The celebrity climate activist has yet to face justice for her crimes

January 17, 2023

Cometh the Hour

REVIEW: ‘Personality and Power: Builders and Destroyers of Modern Europe’ by Ian Kershaw

January 15, 2023

European Governments Under Pressure To More Forcefully Back Iranian Protesters

Europe 'has succumbed to the bullying trait of the Islamic regime,' activists say

November 3, 2022

Das Capital

REVIEW: ‘Berlin: Life and Death at the Center of the World’

October 2, 2022