Gas Prices

Voter Anger Over Gas-Tax Hike In California Fueled Cox’s Rise

State GOP plans to double down on the gas tax repeal to boost GOP turn-out in November

Simmering anger over California Democrats’ passage of a $52 billion gas tax and soaring prices at the pump were the driving force that propelled GOP businessman John Cox to a surprisingly solid second-place finish in the gubernatorial contest Tuesday night, according to several Republican strategists.

Democrats Resurrect the Worst Talking Point in Politics

gas tax

There is nothing more tiresome in Washington than the eternal circle of hypocrisy that comes when the branches of government change hands. What was once presidential overreach and legislating by fiat becomes praiseworthy initiative taking. What was once obstruction becomes #resistance. Former deficit hawks pass trillion dollar bills. The filibuster goes from an outdated usurpation of the voters’ will to a time-honored consensus builder.


Obama’s latest ploy to stabilize gas prices would do “the exact opposite”

President Obama’s plan to spend $52 million to impose stricter regulations on the oil market would increase gas price volatility.