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Penn Administrators, Professors Rally Around Anti-Semitic Cartoonist

Faculty union threatens to investigate Ivy League school if Dwayne Booth is punished

February 15, 2024

Anti-Semitism Hearing Highlights Ivy League Hypocrisy on Free Speech

‘In what world is a call for violence against Jews protected speech, but a belief that sex is biological and binary isn’t?’

December 5, 2023

Stanford Law School Taps Organizer of Shout-Down Protest To Help Find New Dean

Matthew Coffin is the leader of an LGBT student group that derailed a Federalist Society event featuring Fifth Circuit judge Kyle Duncan

October 31, 2023

How Penn's Anti-Semitism Controversy Could Make It Harder To Fire a Controversial Professor

The school has spent two years trying to oust Amy Wax for racist remarks. Now it's singing the praises of free expression, even for the most offensive speech.

October 25, 2023

American Bar Association Considers Crackdown On ‘Disruptive Conduct’ In Wake of Stanford Shout Down

New accreditation standard would require law schools to ban behavior that ‘hinders free expression'

August 17, 2023

Stanford Law School Ousts Diversity Dean Who Egged on Protest of Federal Judge

Tirien Steinbach infamously urged Judge Kyle Duncan to consider whether 'the juice' is 'worth the squeeze.'

July 20, 2023

High Court Rules In Favor of Web Designer In Landmark Free Speech Case

Americans 'are free to think and speak as they wish, not as the government demands,' Gorsuch writes

June 30, 2023