Wired Magazine Promotes Argument That Vitriolic Attacks on FCC Chairman Pai Are Justified

Wired Magazine on Tuesday seemed to justify the vitriolic attacks that have been leveled at Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, over the Net Neutrality debate. The controversy arose when the magazine’s Twitter account attempted to promote a recently published profile of the chairman. The magazine tweeted a quote, from an unknown source who supports neutrality, …

Overhaul of U.S. Telecoms Database Sparks Fear of Catastrophic Failure

Chairman Ajit Pai of the Federal Communications Commission

An impending overhaul of the national U.S. telecommunications database is prompting fears the transition could spark a catastrophic failure, crippling emergency communications networks across the United States, according to industry insiders who told the Washington Free Beacon the foreign firm handling the upcoming transition may not be prepared to initiate the switch.