California GOP Pushes Back on Plan to Tax Texts

FCC deals blow to tax plan but backers undeterred

Google Holds Press Event Announcing New ProductsCalifornia Republicans, still smarting from their big midterm losses at the polls, are ridiculing a plan by Democratic-dominated state regulators to tax text messaging on all mobile phones—a proposal drawing fire from Silicon Valley’s wireless industry and business groups.

Net Neutrality Officially Dead

Media warn 'internet as we know it may not exist' in articles published online

The "internet as we know it may not exist" now that net neutrality has officially ended, the media are warning online.

Overhaul of U.S. Telecoms Database Sparks Fear of Catastrophic Failure

Foreign firm handling overhaul cited for national security breaches

Chairman Ajit Pai of the Federal Communications CommissionAn impending overhaul of the national U.S. telecommunications database is prompting fears the transition could spark a catastrophic failure, crippling emergency communications networks across the United States, according to industry insiders who told the Washington Free Beacon the foreign firm handling the upcoming transition may not be prepared to initiate the switch.