Ex-Im Bank

House Rejects Measure to Bar Ex-Im Financing for Terrorism Sponsors

Foreign Affairs chairman worries that U.S. will back Iranian airline sector used to support international terrorist proxies

Taxpayers could end up footing the bill for Iran’s purchase of American-manufactured planes thanks to legislation passed on Thursday that critics say facilitates U.S. support for an Iranian commercial airline sector frequently used in service of its international terrorist proxies.

GE Touts Moving 1,000 Jobs to UK, Blames Move on Lack of Ex-Im Funds

GE spokeswoman later says deal would’ve been implemented regardless of Ex-Im operation

general electric logoGeneral Electric announced they would move 1,000 jobs to the United Kingdom due to a lack of Export-Import bank funds, but a GE spokesman later said the deal would have gone through regardless of Ex-Im’s operation, Reuters reported.