Elliott Abrams

U.S. and European Government Leaders Slam ICC Investigation into Israel

People enter the International CriminalThe International Criminal Court's decision to initiate an investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes threatens to undermine the body's judicial integrity and is driven by groups that seek to delegitimize the world's only Jewish state, according to a group of former senior government and military officials from the United States and Europe.

U.S. Sanctions Put Iran in Cash Crunch, Iran Envoy Says

Iranian president Hassan RouhaniThe Iranian government has access to just $10 billion in hard currency, complicating the hardline regime’s efforts to fund wars across the Middle East, its terror proxy groups such as Hezbollah, and its nuclear program, according to the Trump administration’s top Iran envoy.

U.S. May Impose Preemptive Sanctions to Thwart New Iran Arms Deals

Top Iran envoy tells Free Beacon U.S. will aggressively enforce Iran arms ban

Elliot AbramsThe United States will preemptively sanction any country that tries to deliver arms to Iran, effectively blocking new arms deals well before they develop, the Trump administration’s top Iran official told the Washington Free Beacon in an exclusive interview.

Abrams: Sanctions Have Kneecapped Iran

Special envoy for Iran and Venezuela Elliott Abrams testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday, telling senators Iran’s economy lays in shambles due to American sanctions.

BOOM: Elliott Abrams Named Iranian Envoy on Anniversary of Hiroshima Blast

State Department attempts 'Full Neoconservatism' for first time in history

Elliott Abrams, an experienced pro-freedom diplomat and future Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year contender, will take over as U.S. special envoy to Iran following the resignation of Brian Hook on Thursday, the 75th anniversary of the successful nuclear strike on the enemy port of Hiroshima.

Moscow Sends Warships to Havana in Message to US

Russian transport brings additional troops to Venezuela

Russia has dispatched several warships, including one of its newer missile frigates, to Cuba in a bid to bolster the floundering regime of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, according to a senior administration official.