Economic Recovery

Marco Rubio Wants to Save the American Dream

Rubio on why work is stagnating, and how to bring it back

In 1956, amidst the fitful days leading up to the revolution, Sen. Marco Rubio's parents left Cuba for the United States. Arriving here, they joined the wave of immigrants who would eventually populate Miami. Both took up jobs in the service industry: Mario Rubio as a bartender in hotels, and his wife Oriales variously as a maid, cashier, and stock clerk.

Global Economic Growth Will Increase to 2.7% This Year

Economic growth in United States projected to increase to 2.2% next year

Global economic growth is projected to hit 2.7 percent this year because of an increase in manufacturing and trade, higher confidence in the economy, commodity prices that have stabilized, and more positive financing conditions, according to a report from the World Bank.