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GOP Hawks Say the Only Thing Cut From the Pentagon Will Be 'Wokeness'

'I can't think of a worse time to cut defense spending than now,' Rep. Mike Gallagher says

March 1, 2023

House Majority Whip Says Biden Had SOTU Outbursts Coming

Tom Emmer defends Republican behavior during Biden's speech

February 14, 2023
President Biden Delivers His First State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress

Hope for Ukraine Is Not a Strategy

Column: Half measures won't save Ukraine or restore American deterrence

March 4, 2022

White House Gives in to Liberal Push to Stall Nuclear Modernization

Experts warn America's outdated nuclear arsenal threatens national security

August 12, 2021

Dems Aim to Slash Vital Nuclear Missile Program

Cuts would delay nuclear missile modernization

June 30, 2021

Biden Shortchanges Defense Program Aimed at Stopping China

Lawmakers hammer White House for meager spending in Pacific Deterrence Initiative

June 24, 2021

Biden Defense Budget Gives China Upper Hand, Republican Hawks Say

Budget proposal could force Navy to cut 11 battle-ready boats

June 5, 2021