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Northern Border Sees Overwhelming Surge Of Illegal Immigrants

Flood of illegal immigrants at U.S.-Canada border puts strain on law enforcement already overwhelmed down south

March 30, 2023

Biden Admin Distributes 'Black Resistance' Flyers to Border Agents

The posters, intended to commemorate Black History Month, celebrate 'Abolition,' Black Lives Matter

February 6, 2023

Biden's Scramble to Control Del Rio Crisis Leaves Large Border Sections Unguarded

DHS plan calls for hundreds of agents to be reassigned to deal with influx from Haiti

September 20, 2021

The Biden Administration’s COVID Double Standard

Tourists must now provide proof of vaccination. Illegal immigrants get a free pass.

Biden Hollows Out Trump-Era COVID Protections at the Border

Memo: Biden admin plans to team with migrant advocates to 'streamline' border admission

May 20, 2021