Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

CFPB Worked With Exposed Antifa Leader on Payday Loan Rule

New leadership expected to announce changes to rule in coming days

The previous leadership of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau worked closely on its payday lending rule with a top official at a liberal advocacy group who was secretly working double-time as a violent Antifa leader.

Larry Hogan Hits Ben Jealous for Taking Campaign Cash from Payday Lender

Jealous is invested in payday lender LendUp, has received contributions from top executives

The reelection campaign for Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R.) is calling on his Democratic opponent Ben Jealous to return money he received from executives from LendUp, a payday loan company Jealous invests in that has been fined millions for predatory lending practices.

Leandra English Finally Leaving CFPB

Obama political appointee who tried to seize power to resign, drop lawsuit

Leandra EnglishLeandra English, the Obama administration political appointee who tried to seize leadership of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is leaving the agency and dropping her lawsuit against the White House.

Transparency Watchdog Requesting Investigation Into Rogue CFPB Lawsuit

Argues secret funding for lawsuit could qualify as a prohibited gift

A transparency and accountability watchdog is asking the inspector general's office of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to launch an investigation into reports that the deputy director may be using government time to further her personal lawsuit against President Donald Trump and questions if the anonymous funding of that lawsuit violates ethics laws against receiving gifts in office.

CFPB Hacked Hundreds of Times, Risking Sensitive U.S. Financial Data

Disclosure: 240 confirmed hacks, 800 suspected, risking mortgage info, Social Security numbers, personal banking info

Mick MulvaneyThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, confirmed on Wednesday that it had been struck by at least 240 hack attacks and another 800 suspected hacks, jeopardizing mortgage information, Social Security numbers, and personal banking information of scores of Americans, according to congressional testimony.