Biden: Trump Is Too Weak on China

The former VP previously dismissed the China threat

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump in a speech Wednesday for being too soft on the Chinese.

Hillary Clinton Proves She’s Still Tha Kween of Milquetoast Platitudes

Presumed 2020 frontrunner weighs in (sort of) on NBA-China controversy

Hillary ClintonIt's becoming increasingly likely that Hillary Clinton, the historic failure of a politician, will enter the 2020 Democratic primary. She recently picked up her first official endorsement, and has wisely bided her time as two of the early frontrunners have succumbed to health problems on the campaign trail.

Pompeo Warns About Chinese Influence in Balkans

Secretary of State Mike PompeoOHRID, North Macedonia (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Montenegro and North Macedonia on Friday and warned Balkan leaders of possible risks from Chinese investment in technology and big infrastructure projects.

Congress Pursues Investigation Into Proliferation of Chinese Communist Propaganda on Capitol Hill

Rep. Banks: State-run agitprop has no place in halls of Congress

Chinese flagA leading member of Congress is demanding that Capitol Hill administrative authorities investigate how and why Chinese state-funded propaganda is being delivered each day to scores of members in both legislative chambers, according to a letter to be sent Monday to the House chief administrative officer and the Justice Department.

California Probes Chinese Communist Police Impersonators

Asian man arrested driving car with People's Armed Police markings; second vehicle sought

Police in California are investigating at least two cases of people posing as Chinese police driving cars with markings of the Communist Party of China's People's Armed Police (PAP).