Bruce Braley

Steyer Group Hit With FEC Complaint

Allegations that Steyer’s Super PAC illegally bought Bruce Braley’s voter list come as group ramps up Iowa operation

Tom SteyerAn ethics watchdog group filed a legal complaint against billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer’s Super PAC last week alleging that it may be illegally obtaining information on voters in the crucial swing state of Iowa.

Joni Ernst Makes History in Iowa

State elects first woman to Congress; Ernst will also be first female combat veteran in Senate

Joni ErnstRepublican Joni Ernst became the first woman from Iowa elected to Congress on Tuesday as she prevailed over Rep. Bruce Braley (D., Iowa) in a closely fought Senate race.

Braley Donor Threatens Lawsuit Against National Review, Des Moines Register

Attempt to stop investigation of star of Braley campaign ad

A law firm aligned with Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Bruce Braley has threatened legal action against media outlets investigating a man featured in one of Braley’s campaign ads, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. The Des Moines Register and National Review were contacted by top Braley donor and personal injury lawyer John Riccolo last month while looking into allegations involving Iowa college administrator Jesse James.

Iowa GOP: Bruce Braley and Hillary Clinton are Anti-Entrepreneur

Iowa Dem Senate candidate previously said state’s young business owners are ‘sitting around’ and ‘drinking beer’

Bruce BraleyIowa Republicans say presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s recent rhetoric about businesses dovetails with recent comments by Rep. Bruce Braley (D., Iowa), who accused Iowans at start-up companies of drinking beer in the afternoon and not coming up with any ideas.

Bruce Braley Slammed on Missed VA Hearings

Iowa Dem Senate candidate struggling in some areas that went for Obama in 2012

Bruce BraleyIowa Republicans are intensifying their attacks on Rep. Bruce Braley’s (D., Iowa) record on veterans’ issues as the Democratic Senate candidate underperforms in some areas that voted for President Obama in 2012.

Big Labor’s Servants

Right to work group highlights Democrats Landrieu, Pryor, Warner, Hagan, Udall, Braley, Orman, Weiland, and Grimes

A top labor watchdog is telling voters that Democrats in some of the nation’s most competitive Senate races are servants of labor unions.

Former Legal Client of Bruce Braley Will Not Vote For Him

Says the Democratic Senate candidate in Iowa has become a ‘fat cat politician’

Bruce BraleyA former legal client of Rep. Bruce Braley’s (D., Iowa) says he will not vote for him in Iowa’s Senate race, underscoring the challenges for the congressman as he seeks to edge out Republican Joni Ernst in the closely fought contest.

Tom Harkin Suggests Bruce Braley Will Lose Senate Race

Bruce BraleySen. Tom Harkin (D., Iowa) told the New York Times in a recent interview that he is not sure what the big deal is about his aspiring Democratic successor’s comments about Iowa farmers earlier this year—and appeared to predict that he will lose.

The Macaca Democrats

Column: Why the GOP Is Winning Election 2014

Something peculiar has happened. As I write, none of the Republican candidates for Senate has become a public embarrassment. On the contrary: For the first time in a decade, it is the Democratic candidates, not the Republican ones, who are fodder for late-night comics. That the Democrats are committing gaffes and causing scandals at a higher rate than Republicans not only may be decisive in the battle for the Senate. It could signal a change in our politics at large.