Bill de Blasio

Shootings Spike in NYC Over Violent Fourth of July Weekend

Mayor de Blasio announced $1 billion cut to NYPD budget last week, despite surge in shootings this year

Shootings spiked in New York City over the holiday weekend, with 37 people shot and 9 killed over a 9-hour period on Sunday night. The outbreak of violence contributed to the dramatic rise in shootings the city has seen in 2020.

Call it DeBLOVID-19: Mayor Urged NYCers to ‘Go On With Your Lives’ as City Became Cesspool of Infection

'New York was the primary gateway for the rest of the country'

"Let's Call It Trumpvirus," reads the New York Times headline to a Gail Collins opinion column published on Feb. 28—yet another example of the deeply considered, insightful analysis Times readers have come to expect. However, in light of new research published in the Times on Thursday, perhaps we should start calling it "DeBLOVID-19."

Bloomberg Used Box to Boost Height as NYC Mayor, Documents Show

The Bloomberg campaign was quick to shoot down President Donald Trump's claim that the Democratic presidential candidate plans to use a box to boost his height at Friday's Democratic debate. While Bloomberg may not mount a box later this week, the former New York City mayor used height-boosting boxes and modified podiums to boost his height throughout his mayoralty.