Obama Hates Good Beer

I should stop being shocked when the Obama administration decides to ruin something I like. But I can’t. I may allow Greedo to shoot first, but I must take my stand when Obama targets the indefensible. And by indefensible, I mean my buzz.

Erick Erickson did a solid job summing up the beef:

No-Hangover Beer Good For Science, Bad For Business

America’s brightest pay a hefty price for their financial and intoxicating genius. Without a buffer between the booze and their blood stream, they crawl from out of their beds and into their graves the following morning.

Our friends in Australia took point and science’d up a type of beer that will put a stop to praying to porcelain gods.

By following Gatorade’s philosophy, Aussie scientists added electrolytes into two different beers. After making subjects work out for an hour, they had them drink legitimate post-workout recovery beer that result in retaining the very fluids that regular beer wrings out of drinkers and stokes hangovers.

Yeah, Science!

A Bro’s Guide to Post-Workout Recovery Beers

Critical to drunkorexia is the pre-pregame. A feller/lady needs a good swoll session to jumpstart the metabolism for the mental, physical, and financial punishment that follows a Champagne campaign.

GQ recently noted studies showing the importance of carbohydrates in post-workout recovery, and suggested light beer could both start your buzz and replenish your muscles. That’s efficiency.