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Apple CEO Sucks Up to China in Interview With State-Owned Media

Tim Cook spoke to 'genocide-denying propaganda rag,' says congressman

June 29, 2022

Lithuania Tells Users To Ditch Chinese Phones Over Censorship Fears

Xiaomi phones block content that mentions 'Taiwan,' 'democracy'

September 23, 2021
Marco Rubio

Senate Bill Would Stop US Companies From Using Chinese Slave Labor

Apple spent $90,000 lobbying against past version of the bill

August 27, 2021

Apple Promotes Hookup Apps to Children, Report Finds

The tech company refuses to share user age data with app developers

August 25, 2021

Experts Say Apple's Child Porn Detection Tool Is Less Accurate Than Advertised

Critics worry authoritarian governments could use tool to hunt dissidents

August 24, 2021

China Could Abuse Apple's Child Porn Detection Tool, Experts Say

Authoritarian governments could use software to hunt political dissidents

August 11, 2021

NBA, Nike, Apple, Google Silent on China's Crackdown on Journalists in Hong Kong

At least seven journalists arrested in Hong Kong since June 17

June 29, 2021