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Congress Launches Probe Into Groups Funding 'Pro-Hamas' Unrest on Campus

'American education is under attack,' Rep. Foxx says

May 14, 2024

Rhodes Scholarship Recipient Is Leading Harvard's Anti-Israel Encampment

'We're here to stay … until Palestine is free,' says Asmer Asrar Safi

May 10, 2024

Harvard Boasts in Legal Filing of Addressing Unauthorized Encampment 'Quickly.' It's Still Going Strong.

Just hours after interim president Garber issued suspension threat, Harvard's attorneys cited it in motion to dismiss anti-Semitism suit

May 10, 2024

Columbia Law School Students Send Menacing Email to Jewish Classmates: 'You Threaten Everyone's Safety'

Columbia's chapter of the National Lawyers Guild warns that 'no Jew is safe until everyone is safe'

May 6, 2024

Columbia Faculty Group Goes on Strike in Solidarity With Anti-Israel Student Protesters

Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine at Columbia vow not to return 'until police are removed from our campus'

May 6, 2024

Northwestern Professors Encourage Students To Skip Class To Join Anti-Israel Encampment

Campus administrators and police have warned trespassers would be arrested as encampment grows

April 26, 2024

Columbia Lets 48-Hour Deadline Slide With No Action Against Student Protesters

'There is a rumor that the NYPD has been invited to campus this evening. This rumor is false,' school officials said late Thursday

April 26, 2024