Graduates of Turkish Military Academy Announce Support for Pennsylvania's Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

Dr. Mehmet Oz is rolling out a letter with some exciting endorsements in the wake of Monday's news that nearly 50 graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point signed a letter endorsing his primary opponent, David McCormick, in Pennsylvania's Republican Senate primary.

The Washington Free Beacon has exclusively obtained a letter from graduates of Kara Harp Okulu, the Turkish military academy in Ankara, making the case to Pennsylvania voters that Dr. Oz is the right dual citizen for the job. The letter attacks McCormick's national security credentials, which lean heavily on his service in the U.S. military. Oz's fellow Turkish military veterans lambaste McCormick as a supporter of "terrorist mastermind and coup plotter Fethullah Gulen." The letter goes on to say that Dr. Oz "will remove the stain of Gulen from his safe haven in the disputed Pennsylvania territory of the Pocono mountains." It also promises that Dr. Oz will "stand up to Armenian disinformation regarding Turkey's spotless human rights record."

It's unclear whether the endorsement will have its intended effect. Dr. Oz's Turkish endorsers write that Pennsylvanians "will soon see the glory of Turkic civilization when a great Muslim ascends to the American Senate." They also claim that Dr. Oz is well positioned to help Donald Trump dispute the 2020 election, noting that Dr. Oz was "an adviser to President Erdogan in 2016 when the filthy Gulenist dogs tried to seize power like the Democrats did in 2020."

Signatories of the letter, a copy of which is included below, include Musa Avsever, the 52nd commander of the Turkish Land Forces, along with other graduates of the elite academy, including Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Ayhan Işık, Alperen Duymaz, and Biff Diddle.

A source in the Oz campaign told the Free Beacon that barring any new wars in the Middle East, they expect General Avsever to join Dr. Oz on the campaign trail. "He may not have the name ID of Trump, but General Musa connects with voters on their kitchen table issues like Kurdish infiltration of secondary schools and European Union policy on guest workers."

A Letter From Graduates of Kara Harp Okulu, The Turkish Military Academy in Ankara (1) by Washington Free Beacon on Scribd