Woodward: ‘God Knows’ What Is in FBI Notes, Clinton Has Habit of Secrecy


The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward said Tuesday on CBS This Morning only "God knows" what is in the FBI’s interview notes with Hillary Clinton and that her habit of secrecy is hurting her image.

When asked about what Congress should be looking for in the notes, Woodward responded, "God knows."

"There are thousands of emails the FBI said that they uncovered that were not turned over," Woodward said. "There could be something there, maybe not."

Woodward said he sees the email scandal as a very serious issue that leaves many unanswered questions about Clinton.

"Let’s face it, Hillary Clinton just has not come totally clean on this. She would serve herself well if she would do that," Woodward said.

Congress is going to receive the notes from the FBI’s three-hour long interview with Clinton over her use of a private email server while she served as secretary of state.

The notes from the interview are considered highly classified since the interview did include questions on 22 emails that were deemed top secret and would damage national security if released to the public.

Woodward said Clinton has a "habit of secrecy" and that if she becomes president, the public would question if there would be any transparency in her administration.

Host Charlie Rose pointed out that Clinton has had very few press conferences and asked Woodward if the press should be demanding more.

"It’s not about press conferences. It should be–she certainly should have them, but she should do serious interviews with serious people who really want to look at all of this," Woodward said. "You can’t do this on the fly, and she’s trying to do it on the fly. It is a giant mistake."

Woodward said that Clinton needs to face her past because it is who she is. He added that Clinton needs to acknowledge that she made a serious mistake with her email practices.

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