White Candidate for DNC Chair: ‘My Job Is to Shut Other White People Down’

• January 24, 2017 10:55 am


Sally Boynton Brown, a candidate to chair the Democratic National Committee, went on a tirade against white people and their involvement in the Democratic Party on Monday.

Brown, who currently serves as the Idaho Democratic Party's executive director, was speaking at a forum Monday for candidates running to head the DNC, along with six other hopefuls.

"Black lives matter, and it makes me sad that we are even having that conversation," Brown said. "And that tells me that white leaders in our party have failed."

Becoming impassioned Brown added, "My job is to listen and be a voice. My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt."

Chuck Ross, a reporter at the Daily Caller, was the first to flag the video of Brown's answer at the forum.

"This is not just rhetoric. This is life or death. This moment in our country the Democratic Party has the opportunity to do something different," Brown said. She went on to suggest that the party's national leaders have not been living up to the values that they espouse.

"This is a conversation I want to have, and I am from Idaho. We are so white," Brown said to audience laughter. "I've been reaching out and trying to connect to anybody of color that I can find to be honest with me."

Brown ended her speech by imploring any minorities to reach out to her and have a conversation so she can "go school the other white people."

The forum was hosted by the Democracy in Color campaign, which states that its mission is to "elevate the voices of the New American Majority–multiracial, multicultural, and progressive."

Of the seven individuals running, Brown is one of three white candidates in a field that includes three African Americans and one Hispanic.

The Daily Caller reported that Brown had not responded to them about "why, if she feels so strongly that white people should be shut down, she is running against four minority candidates for the chair position."

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