'What a Stupid Question': Dem Senator Dismisses Question on Late-Term Abortion

February 19, 2020

Sen. Doug Jones (D., Ala.), who has claimed to reflect Alabama values while serving in the Senate, laughed off a question about limiting late-term abortions.

"What a stupid question," Jones said when a tracker asked if he thinks abortion should be prohibited after five months of pregnancy. "Should abortion be banned? As I said, what a stupid question."

Jones said in an interview late last year that he has "reflected Alabama values" during his time in the Senate.

Jones also referred to a pro-life law in Alabama as "draconian" and called pro-life politicians "extreme" and "callous."

"These Republican legislators, who are overwhelmingly men, are so extreme and so callous that they would support a bill that denies a woman a constitutional right that they have had for decades," Jones said after the bill's passage.

Alabama's female governor, Kay Ivey, signed the bill into law last year.

"What stupid question have you got for me today?" the video shows Jones asking a tracker from America Rising PAC.

When Jones said it is stupid to ask about whether to ban abortion after five months, the tracker responded that Jones has a vote on it next week.

"Yeah, and I'll vote on it next week. Just like I did the last time," Jones said.

The Senate will vote on two pro-life bills early next week: Sen. Ben Sasse's (R., Neb.) "Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act" and the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act," which would ban abortion after 20 weeks. Jones was one of three Democrats who voted for the former bill last year, but he voted against the latter bill in 2018.