WH Involved in Providing Information for Bin Laden Film, Emails Show

The White House was involved in providing information to a film about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, according to new emails released Tuesday.

The emails, released per a FOIA from Judicial Watch, shows coordination between a deputy National Security Advisor and White House, CIA, and Department of Defense employees, reports Politico:

In another email, Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes expressed his desire to get the administration involved in the production to get "visibility" into what they were producing.

"We are trying to have visibility into the UBL projects and this is likely the most high profile one. Would like to have whatever group is going around in here at the WH [White House] to get a sense of what they’re doing / what cooperation they’re seeking," Rhodes wrote to White House, CIA and Defense Department colleagues.

And another CIA spokesman expressed his agency's excitement about the project and joked to colleagues about getting tickets to the premiere.

"I can’t tell you how excited we all are (at DOD and CIA) about the project…PS – I want you to know how good I’ve been not mentioning the premiere tickets. :)," wrote then-CIA director of public affairs George Little. Little is now a spokesman for the Pentagon.