Waters Struggles to Recall All the Members of the ‘Kremlin Clan’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) struggled to remember every member of the "Kremlin clan" she often cites during an appearance Wednesday on CNBC.

Waters often uses the term as a reference to President Trump and his allies with ties to Russia. She has frequently called for Trump's impeachment and is one of the most enthusiastic boosters of the investigation into allegations of collusion between Trump's campaign and the Russians.

She appeared on "Squawk Alley" to discuss a letter she and fellow Finance Committee Democrats sent to Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan to request information on the bank's interactions with Trump. According to Business Insider, the letter asks for information "regarding its 2011 Russian mirror trading scandal and the other regarding its review of the personal accounts of President Donald Trump and his family members held at the Bank."

Waters commented that her staff had been "on top of some of these issues" long before the Hill's investigative committees.

"We had identified what we call the Kremlin clan, and we had named [Paul] Manafort, and [Michael] Flynn, and, uh, Carter, um—and a number of them," she said. "Roger Stone, from all being involved in some way."

As CNBC anchor Sara Eisen later tried to wrap up the interview, Waters remembered the name she missed.

"We'll see where that money trail leads and leave it there," Eisen said. "Thank you for joining us to talk about this story this morning. Representative Maxine Waters of the House Financial Services Committee."

"Well, you're very welcome, and the other person I was thinking of was Carter Page was one of the Kremlin clan, OK?" Waters said.

"Yes. Thank you," Eisen said, smiling.

"You're welcome," Waters said.

Waters tweeted out a "Kremlin clan" graphic in March with images of Vladimir Putin, Trump and others in his orbit.