Warren's Lineage Debunked Again

September 17, 2012

William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection breaks down the many failings in the liberal Boston Globe’s 3,000-word article Sunday attempting to justify Elizabeth Warren’s claim to Native American heritage.

The pro-Warren Globe cooperated with the Harvard professor’s Senate campaign to produce the story, in which Jacobson finds seven major flaws. According to Legal Insurrection:

When the story broke that Warren might be 1/32 Cherokee, it was based on supposed ancestry on Warren’s maternal grandmother’s side, the so-called Crawford line.  That 1/32 claim was completely debunked, and the Globe had to issue a retraction, although Warren being 1/32 Cherokee lives on in pop culture.

The Globe focuses its examination on the maternal grandfather’s lineage, the so-called Reed line, and it is that family line which appears in the story to be the focus of Warren’s campaign.

Warren’s story has switched sides.

Jacobson also notes that no genealogical proof exists to substantiate Warren’s claims, forcing the Globe to devote a good portion of its efforts to pointing out that other self-identified Native Americans also do not have tangible genealogical proof to support their claims.

This is not the first time the Globe has labored to aid the liberal Senate candidate: The Washington Free Beacon has previously reported on the Globe’s coordination with the Warren campaign.