MSNBC Guest: 'May Be Multiple Reasons' Warren Left Job When Pregnant

October 8, 2019

EMILY's List vice president of communications Christina Reynolds said Tuesday that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) may have had "multiple reasons" for leaving the job she claims to have lost due to being pregnant.

Reynolds, whose organization supports pro-abortion female Democrats running for office, said Warren's explanation that she was forced out for being pregnant "holds water," even though it is contradicted by county records.

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson played a clip of Warren from 2007, in which the then-Harvard law professor suggested that she left her teaching job for her own reasons. Reynolds said Warren may have had more than one reason to leave the job.

"There may be multiple reasons why she didn't come back to that job, but I think what's clear is we know—listen, women were not allowed to get a credit card without their husband's approval pretty recently," she said.

Reynolds then said Warren may not have wanted to say in 2007 that she was fired for sexist reasons, even though the incident was 36 years prior, and many of the individuals involved were dead.

"It holds water to me that maybe that's not something she wanted to come out with initially," Reynolds said, crediting Warren with starting an "important" conversation.

"I think we've asked a lot of women in the public eye to answer for things that weren't discussed very broadly and they're starting to be discussed more," Reynolds said. "That's the beauty in having multiple women running for president, is we can have these conversations. And so I'm glad she's having them and acknowledging that."

The minutes from a 1971 Riverdale Board of Education meeting, first obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, show the board unanimously approved Warren to continue teaching before accepting her resignation with "regret" in June. Warren, who did not return requests for comment, later told CBS News that she was "shown the door."

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