Greta Van Susteren Out at MSNBC After Less Than Six Months

Nikki Haley and Greta Van Susteren / Getty


Greta Van Susteren is out at MSNBC after less than six months as an evening anchor with the network.

She announced the news in a five-word tweet Thursday evening. Vanity Fair first reported on the firing and said Van Susteren would not make another appearance on her show "For The Record."

MSNBC President Phil Griffin said in a statement, "Greta is a well-regarded television veteran and one of only a few broadcasters who can say they've hosted shows at all three major cable news networks. We are grateful to her and wish her the best."

Ari Melber, MSNBC's chief legal correspondent and host of "The Point" on weekends, will become permanent host of the 6 p.m. hour next month, Griffin announced.

Van Susteren's show struggled to gain a footing while other MSNBC programs saw a surge in viewers after President Donald Trump took office, according to the exclusive from Vanity Fair. Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell's shows are reaching new heights in ratings while Van Susteren's show fell behind its rivals.

Van Susteren was preparing for the night's show when she was cancelled, CNN reporter Brian Stelter said.

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