Tweets from Last Night

DC’s Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton deletes questionable tweets

Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat representing the District of Columbia in the U.S. House of Representatives as a non-voting Delegate, awoke this morning apparently filled with regret over erratic and offensive tweets sent from her Twitter account during last night’s debate.

The Washington Free Beacon was one of the first news organizations to notice a particularly squalid Tweet sent from Del. Norton’s account, which referred to Governor Mitt Romney as having "shot his whole wad in the first debate."

Chris Moody of Yahoo! News reports, via his Twitter account, that this tweet and a number of others were deleted from her account late this morning.

The deleted tweets conveyed the delegate’s thoughts on last week’s vice presidential debate, as well as a reference to a fundraiser for President Obama’s campaign at which she spoke.

Some of the deleted tweets contained spelling and grammatical errors, including 2 tweets that misspelled the name Obama as "Oboma."

In a rambling statement to DCist, a Norton spokesman admitted that his boss was behind the grammatically incorrect, borderline vulgar tweets but claimed that she was trying to send them from a different account.

"It was her tweeting last night. We had to delete them this morning because they were accidentally posted to her official House Twitter account, instead of her campaign account," said Scott McCrary. As DCist notes, however, there does not appear to be a second Eleanor Holmes Norton twitter account: "The Twitter account Norton has listed on her campaign website is the same as the one on her official House website."

Moody cites The Sunlight Foundation’s Twitter archiving website, "Politwoops," which archives deleted Tweets from elected officials.

A full list of Norton’s deleted tweets is below.