Trump: ‘Not Too Many’ Obama Administration Policies Will Be Kept in Place

President Donald Trump on Monday said there are "not too many" Obama administration policies that he will keep in place.

Trump hosted a press conference in the White House Rose Garden alongside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) in which he answered several questions on the Republican agenda going forward.

A reporter asked Trump about his administration's announcements last week to roll back the Iran Nuclear Deal and to get rid of the cost-sharing reductions in Obamacare, former President Barack Obama's landmark health care law. He then cited criticism Trump has received for rolling back "Obama's accomplishments" and asked the president whether there was a single policy from his predecessor that his administration would not touch.

"We are very opposite in terms of incentives and incentives for jobs and other thing," Trump said. "We have the lowest unemployment rate in, I believe it's, almost 17 years. We are doing well. We are going to be doing immigration work that's going to be outstanding and we're going to have people coming into our country based hopefully on a merit system, not just coming in randomly."

He continued by talking about companies moving back into the United States, and said the country will soon be at the point where it needs workers.

"Our country is going to do so well, but the tax cuts are going to be a major major part of it," Trump said.

"Is there a single policy you keep in place?" the reporter asked again.

"Well, not too many. It's the opposite side of the spectrum," Trump said.