Report: Trump Up Until Midnight Thursday Looking for Way Out of Picking Pence As Running Mate

Donald Trump
• July 15, 2016 2:48 pm


Donald Trump reportedly was so doubtful of his running mate selection of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that he was up past midnight asking aides how he could back out of it.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, tweeted Friday morning that he had selected Pence to be his running mate. The two were originally going to appear together Friday, but the Trump campaign canceled the event in the wake of the Nice, France, terrorist attack. They are scheduled for a joint appearance in New Jersey on Saturday.

CNN's Dana Bash tweeted out the scoop Friday afternoon.

NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reported the same a little later, tweeting Trump was on the phone until midnight seeing if he could change his mind.

Trump had reportedly been weighing Pence, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, among other possibilities. The Pence pick was surprising, given Pence's opposition to Trump's proposed Muslim ban, Pence's support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Pence's endorsement of Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) during the GOP primary.