April Ryan Asks Trump if He’s a Racist

• January 12, 2018 12:08 pm


President Donald Trump ignored shouted questions Friday from reporters about his reported vulgar remarks about foreign countries, including one from April Ryan asking him directly if he is a racist.

Trump has set off yet another media firestorm with a reported controversial comment, which he reportedly made Thursday while meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers.

"Why are we having all these people from s—hole countries come here?" Trump said, according to a report from the Washington Post, referring to Haiti, El Salvador and countries in Africa.

After Trump signed a proclamation in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., day, CNN analyst and White House reporter April Ryan could be heard asking Trump if he is a racist or would be apologizing for the comments.

"Mr. President, are you a racist?" Ryan asked. "Mr. President, will you respond to these serious questions about your statement, sir?"

Ryan could be heard arguing with someone else off-camera about her questions.

Trump did not acknowledge the questions, and after he shook hands with the people assembled for the proclamation, he left the room. Among those with him was King's nephew, Isaac Newton Farris.

Democrats and members of the media have slammed the alleged remarks as racist.

The White House did not initially deny the remarks in a statement from the press office, although Trump tweeted Friday that he used "tough language" but never said anything negative about Haiti.

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