Trump Announces Nominations of Nauert as U.N. Ambassador, Barr as Attorney General


President Donald Trump announced his nominations for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and attorney general on Friday.

Heather Nauert was tapped to replace U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, while William Barr was nominated to replace Acting Attorney General Mathew Whitaker, whom Trump appointed following Jeff Sessions' November resignation.

Barr is an attorney who previously worked in the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel and as deputy attorney general. President George H.W. Bush appointed Barr to serve as attorney general in 1991. He was unanimously confirmed by the Senate by voice vote, and he served through the end of Bush's presidency. Then-Senator Joe Biden (D., Del.), serving as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said at the time that Barr would be "a fine attorney general."

Trump, who told reporters he did not personally know Barr until he learned of his service in the Bush administration, attended Bush's state funeral Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters on the White House South Lawn on Friday morning, Trump called Barr a "terrific person." Trump said Barr has been his top choice since first learning of him and that he is "one of the most respected jurists in the country."

Nauert is currently the State Department spokesperson and a former "Fox & Friends" anchor.

Nauert would be the 30th U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., and only the sixth woman confirmed to the post. Haley, the current ambassador, announced in October she would resign at the end of the year.

Trump has been known to regularly watch "Fox & Friends," occasionally calling in to the show. Speaking to reporters Friday, he referred to Nauert as someone "we know very well," and praised her for being "very talented, very smart, very quick." Trump, who has struggled with a turbulent State Department, credited Nauert for doing a "great job working with Mike Pompeo and others over at the State Department."

Before boarding Marine One en route to Missouri, Trump hinted there would be a forthcoming announcement pertaining to the "Joint Chiefs of Staff and succession" during the Army-Navy football game Saturday afternoon.

Trump is on his way to Missouri, where he is scheduled to deliver an address to police officers about law enforcement issues.

Mikhael Smits

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Mikhael Smits is a Public Interest Fellow and Media Analyst at the Washington Free Beacon. He's interested in law, security policy, and today's outrage. Reach him on Twitter @mikhaelsmits or

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