Top Clinton Aide Philippe Reines: ‘Juanita Broaddrick Is Full Of S**t’

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide and confidante Philippe Reines dismissed one of Bill Clinton's accusers in a recent podcast interview, saying Juanita Broaddrick was "full of s**t."

The veteran Clinton communications aide appeared on "The Jamie Weinstein Show" in a wide-ranging interview. "There was an article today in the New York Times, ‘No One Wants to Campaign with Bill Clinton Anymore' was the headline," host Jamie Weinstein said. "In the age of #MeToo, have you re-evaluated how you view Bill Clinton and the Clinton presidency?"

"I seem to be the only one who hasn't, but, I mean, I'm a white male, so I'm not sure," Reines responded.

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"I understand why people are doing it, I also understand why people say it's been dealt with. He was impeached. It's not like he got off scot-free," he continued.

Weinstein noted that Broaddrick, who accused Clinton of raping her during the 1978 Arkansas gubernatorial election, was never taken seriously at the time. "Juanita Broaddrick is full of shit," Reines retorted.

"I do not think she's telling the truth. More importantly, Ken Starr did not think that she was telling the truth. For me, I assume Ken Starr pulled no punches," he continued.

"Why do you think all the people who have recently listened to ‘Slow Burn,' … a podcast where she was interviewed, and are now saying ‘I totally revaluate my position on Bill Clinton,'" Weinstein asked. "‘She seems very, very credible. She didn't want to come forward–‘"

"She didn't want to come forward, my ass," Reines responded.

Reines himself has faced allegations of mistreatment of women, with New York Times reporter Amy Chozick claiming in her book Chasing Hillary that Reines was one of several male Clinton staffers to act in an overtly sexist manner towards female reporters.

"I didn’t know I had to say it was off the record when I was inside you," he once joked to Chozick, to her disgust. Reines originally responded to the book by terming Chozick "Error-Prone and Libelous Reporter Gal," before apologizing for the joke.