Tom Steyer Branded a ‘Perpetual Loser’

Graphic from Power the Future


Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer has been branded by a pro-energy group as a "perpetual loser" for his long series of failed political bets.

Power the Future, which earlier this year launched a site highlighting the negative impacts Steyer's activism has had on American towns, is now taking aim at Steyer's failures on the political stage, pointing to the millions of dollars he has spent on failed initiatives.

The group points to the current election cycle, during which Steyer has spent $40 million on a Need to Impeach campaign that has failed to get traction, and backed just one candidate who failed to even come close to winning his primary. Steyer was also the single largest donor to Democrats in 2014, when the party lost control of the Senate, and spent more than $100 million in 2016 on the failed effort to defeat President Donald Trump.

"Tom Steyer doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to political bets," the group writes. "America is rejecting Tom Steyer’s vision and philosophy. And we are all better off because of it."

The group also says that Steyer's only success aside from "dividing Democrats" with his impeachment push has been making money to fund his failed efforts.

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