Tillis Challenger: Impeach Trump Even Though It Doesn't Matter to Voters

June 18, 2019

Cal Cunningham, a North Carolina businessman challenging incumbent Thom Tillis (R., N.C.) for Senate as a Democrat, endorsed impeachment despite admitting that it's not an important issue to voters.

A video from America Rising shows Cal Cunningham saying he supports an impeachment query even though "the most effective way" to hold the administration accountable is by voting it out. He added that he has not heard from any voters that impeachment matters.

The host asked Cunningham if he thought the House of Representatives should impeach President Trump.

"2020 is an election year. Probably the most effective way to hold this administration accountable is at the ballot box," Cunningham responded. "That having been said, I really keenly want to see the House open up an inquiry, I think they need to call the witnesses, Mueller needs to testify. I'd like to hear the evidence and where that goes."

"Here's the other thing, though," he continued. "I have been traversing this state and the question you just asked me has not come up in over 100 meetings in North Carolina."

Cunningham, a former state senator, previously ran for a Senate seat in North Carolina in 2010, The Hill reported. He was running for lieutenant governor before deciding to declare for the Senate race yesterday. He is the third Democratic challenger to Tillis.

Rep. Mark Walker (R., N.C.) recently made the decision not to primary Tillis, avoiding the prospect of an intra-Republican fight.