Stormy Daniels Attorney Goes After Another Reporter, Calls Him an ‘Assh***’


Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti is again on the warpath, "menacing" and cursing out a Hollywood Reporter journalist he suspected was writing a negative story.

"Is Stormy Daniels Getting Her Money's Worth From Attorney Michael Avenatti?" asked Hollywood Reporter‘s Eriq Gardner in a Wednesday article. In the piece, Gardner raises several questions about whether the media-hungry attorney for the porn star suing President Donald Trump was pursuing the correct strategy to actually win the case.

Gardner reports Avenatti caught wind of his piece while he was still working on it and "reached out to an editor to express concern."

"Speculating that the result of my assessment of his work wouldn't exactly be flattering, he called me up and became somewhat menacing," he continues. "At one point, he called me an ‘asshole' with an agenda and accused the lawyers I had spoken to of being jealous of his success."

The incident occurred before Avenatti threatened to sue the Daily Caller and two of its reporters Monday for an unflattering story about his previous business dealings and how he had been sued by his former partners for lying to them.

"If you and your colleagues do not stop with the hit pieces that are full of lies and defamatory statements, I will have no choice but to sue each of you and your publication for defamation," Avenatti wrote in an email to the Caller. "During that process, we will expose your publication for what it truly is."

Gardner likewise tweeted Wednesday that after publishing his piece, Avenatti emailed him demanding to speak to a Hollywood Reporter editor.

Alex Griswold

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