Speaker Ryan: A Personal Journey

• October 29, 2015 12:55 pm


New Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) reached out to various organizations that help the less privileged in a new video produced by Opportunity Lives.

At the video's outset, Ryan visits and prays for recovering addicts at Outcry in the Barrio, described as a "faith-based Christian outreach organization" ministering to people suffering from various addictions.

"You meet a lot of people that play the part," Jubal Garcia says at the beginning of the segment, but he said Ryan's compassion was real.

"Paul was just genuine, man. You could feel his compassion for people. You could feel that he really genuinely cares about people. It's not just a job for him."

One man, who's been on heroin for 12 years, is prayed over by Garcia and Ryan in an emotional scene.

Ryan, who has fought for legislation combating poverty through removing government dependence, also receives testimonials from members of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, which helps low-income neighborhoods, the House of Help and Kingdom City and Indiana's Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.

"Oftentimes, you'll never be able to see a need if you don't come," said Emmanuel's senior pastor Darryl Webster. "You won't be able to meet a need if you don't know what it is. You can't help someone else to get out of their shoes if you don't walk in it."

Center for Neighborhood Enterprise founder Robert L. Woodson said he has gotten consistently positive reports from people who've met Ryan during his visits to various neighborhoods.

"The comments that I've gotten about Paul is, ‘I trust him,’" Woodson said.

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