Sharpton: 'No Evidence At All' Connecting Holder to Any Scandals

Rev. Al Sharpton stated on the Monday edition of PoliticsNation that there was "no evidence at all" connecting embattled Attorney General Eric Holder to any scandals while complaining that Republicans were trying to "bully" him out of office.

"The precedent that it would set for them to just bully an Attorney General out of office when there is no evidence at all that would lead to connecting him to any of these so-called scandals, I think that would take a long time for the American public to be able to overcome if we could just start bullying the top law enforcement person out of office when he's not connected to any of these things," Sharpton said.

Holder's fingerprints on the Justice Department's naming of Fox News correspondent James Rosen as a criminal co-conspirator in a leaks case suggest that may not be the case.

Holder told Congress May 15 he would not support prosecution of the press to force information disclosure, but reports later emerged that he personally vetted search warrants for Rosen’s email and phone records to uncover a leak of information about North Korea’s nuclear program.

Republicans and Democrats have strongly criticized Holder's actions, and there has been a bipartisan cry for him to resign. The House Judiciary Committee opened a formal probe last week into whether he perjured himself.

Holder himself held a closed-door meeting with members of the press to outline how the Justice Department would handle future news media monitoring.

Sharpton is well-known for his blustery defense of all Obama administration tactics, going so far as to say May 17 that the "real scandal" was the idea that Republicans were voting to repeal Obamacare, the same week his own parent network likened the White House to the Nixon era.

Holder has also been sued by the American Center for Law & Justice over the IRS targeting scandal, along with other Obama administration officials.